This is an important position for us.  This is why we created this page separate from our main help wanted page.

We are looking for an exceptional person who wants to make a difference in today's world.

This job involves writing about our issues in a clear manner.  You also need to be able to network with relevant groups and organizations (particularly in Europe).

Our mission is to educate people and leaders about the severity of the global problems and the severity of the reforms needed to solve those problems.   In particular, our mission is to help define the difference between real reform and politically contrived, fake reform.

We have been in business since 1995, and many of our pages are among the highest rated pages in the world in their categories in terms of search engine rank.

Our world's political systems are destroying the very biological foundations of life.   Global warming is only a part of larger problems such as the draining of fresh water supplies and the destruction of world fisheries.   All this is being done in the name of creating economic growth but the same systems that are destroying the planet's environment have created a world economic system that is totally unstable.  In America, for example, we have an economy that plunges deeper and deeper into record levels of debt (public and private as a percentage of GNP).   Today, America is the world's largest net debtor ($7 trillion) with a structural balance of payments deficit of at least $600 billion. 

The crisis that is coming will shake the world but it is also a source of hope since it will shatter the power of  false gods.  Human beings have survived tough times before, and we can do so again.

There are signs of hope.  The concept of a Green New Deal is now being endorsed by some key US presidential candidates. 

Here are some relevant reports you should read:

Building a Sustainable Future:  An Outline of Reform

Building a Real Economic Future

Introduction to Future Watch Studies on Our Site

We are very interested in Europe so (fluent) German language skills would be a plus.  Chinese language skills would also be a plus.  If you have lived overseas or if you are from overseas, this is a plus.

Media, art and popular culture are relevant to us as means of communication.  (We have a program on this.)  If you have a Facebook page, that would be useful so we could see your cultural interests.

Send your resume to this address:   We do check our e mail on weekends. 

NOTE: Like most organizations, we only write back if we are are interested.  We usually reply within a week or less.

If you have not heard from us by then, and you feel strongly that you should be here, feel free to send us a second email.    No phone calls, please.